Giving Day – Supporting our national teams in international tournaments

Published Tue 07 May 2024

Our best athletes love representing Australia on the world stage, but it often comes at an excessive cost. In the past, players have been left to create personal fundraisers, relying heavily on family and friends to support their cause.

Alongside the fundraising burden and the balancing of their other responsibilities and obligations, Aussie Spirit and Aussie Steelers players regularly give back to our community by running junior clinics and doing their best to inspire the next generation of softballers.

We have received messages from members all around the country who are looking for a way to support our treasured Australian athletes. In conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation, that opportunity is now here.

On Saturday, May 25, we are rallying our Australian softball community to contribute to the first Giving Day.

The focus of the 2024 Giving Day is to cover the player levy costs across three WBSC World Cup events being held in 2024:

  • The Aussie Steelers World Cup Group Stage (Mexico, June)
  • The Aussie Spirit World Cup Finals (Italy, July)
  • The U18 Women’s World Cup Group Stage (USA, August/September)

The money raised is going directly towards lowering player levies, and donors will have the ability to choose which team/s campaigns to support.

With your help the Steelers, Spirit and U-18 women’s team will represent the country and thrive on the world stage.

Donors can be fully confident that their donations are going directly to the cause they are supporting, as Softball Australia’s use of the funds towards the travel funds listed above is required to be acquitted to the Australian Sports Foundation.

Be on the lookout for more information as it comes from Softball Australia and start rallying the troops ahead of the first Giving Day!