Club Resources

Association and Club Development Resources

The following documents are to provide support and guidance to Association and Club administrators to better deliver softball at community level.

Participation and Development Officers

Each State and Territory in Australia have expert participation staff available to assist you with any concerns you have so for further support contact the relevant staff member/volunteer.






Karthik Rajan

0444 547 348

Northern Territory


(08) 8927 3333


Mohi Rameka

(02) 9677 4000


Donna McGrath

(02) 9677 4000


Conor Harris

(07) 3391 2447 (ext 4)

South Australia

Catherine Westren

0432 484 522


Ev Seabourne

0408 546 208

Victoria - West

Tim Hatzi

0479 104 403

Victoria – South East

Jo Schutt

0425 785 161

Victoria - East

Danielle Rigg

0439 034 869


Aidan Slomp

0410 546 551


Administration & Governance

Administration and governance can be challenging for clubs and associations looking to improve the management of club. Addressing policy, guidelines and governance can be a daunting task without resources and framework in which to build your club. The following links are to national organisations that can assist your club and association with administration and governance. Each state will also have state specific organisations. Links to these organisations can be found on your state governing body website

Game Plan by the Australian Sports Commission

Endorsed by Softball Australia, Game Plan is a free online platform that allows sporting clubs of all sizes to get insights into their current capability in key areas of club administration, then supports ongoing club development with a suite of tools.

National Integrity Framework – Protecting sport together

This site provides information on integrity and the policies in place. It includes education on areas like drugs, match-fixing and other issues and has a section on education that is helpful for administrators.

Softball Australia Forms, Policies, Guidelines and more

This page on the Softball Australia website provides access to policies and guidelines specific to softball in Australia including the Member Protection Policy and Championships regulations and information.

Sport Integrity: Sport Integrity Australia

Courses include Child Safeguarding, Member Protection Information Officer training, Anti-Doping and more.

Australian Sport Learning Centre

Courses include Community Coaching, Community Officiating, Sports Governance, Accessibility and more. 


In designing programs and attracting new members, clubs should aim to provide a participant focused product. Programs that engage and retain are a result of planning and tailoring to the specific requirements of the participants.

Home Run Heroes

Softball Australia – Foundation Coaching

Volunteering Australia


Grants and funding enable your club to tackle projects, renovations or events that may not have been possible with external help. Not-for-profit clubs and associations can use the below resources for guidance and sources of funding.

Club Finances | Club Help

Participation Grants and Funding for Sport and Recreation | Clearinghouse for Sport

Grants and Funding | Sport Australia

Events and Fundraising Ideas for Clubs (Thanks to Sports Community)

Australian Sports Foundation 

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

RevSport Membership and Events Platform

Softball Australia and all Member States and Territories delivered a key project in 2021 to transition States and Territories (except NSW) to a new membership management system – Revolutionise Sport.

The project included new websites at all levels, a new membership model and a new, improved system for managing our members and collecting membership fees online and upfront. This system is the cornerstone of an improved overall member management system that will save many hours of unnecessary work by volunteers at grass roots level.

Click HERE for club administrator resources and support

For direct support from Softball Australia email