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Club Administrator Resources

This page is dedicated to helping club administrators navigate their way through the onboarding process as we transition our sport onto the revSPORT platform.

The REVSPORT ONBOARDING GUIDE is a template clubs and associations can use as to keep track of their project while work through it.  Download the project worksheet, make notes and save it to monitor your progress through the steps.



  1. Download the above template and get familiar with it.  It outlines all the steps needed to successfully set up your club for using the revSPORT system. 
  2. Use the excel template to track your progress as you move through the steps to getting your club set up.
  3. As you move through the steps, refer to the links and documents provided on this page to help you navigate the onboarding process.
  4. Bookmark this page which will contain all the relevant "how to" documents and frequently asked questions about setting up your club portal and preparing to take registrations
  5. If you get stuck along the way, reach out for help at


STEP 1: Get your revSPORT portal up and running

If your club or association is yet to start your project, you will need your revSPORT portal created.  Start here by downloading and filling out the Create My Portal template, then email it in using the details provide.

If you already have a portal, move to next steps.

 Create My Portal Template

  • Once you have filled out the template, email it to
  • In the subject heading type "Create My Portal -  [YOUR CLUB / ASSOCIATION NAME]"

You can copy and paste the following text into the email:

"My organisation needs to set up our revSPORT portal and get ready for taking online registrations.  Could you please create the portal for [ENTER YOUR CLUB / ASSOCIATION NAME AND STATE HERE]"



STEP 2:  Attend training 

Attend an introductory training.  If you need details of the next scheduled training event email your enquiry to

Once you have access to your portal and you have attended a training session, you can refer to the below resources to help you through the set up process.

If you can't attend a live training event you can access these two recorded training sessions.  You must register for each to access.

Members Only Video Series 

Super-user videos developed by revSPORT are for Members Only.  To access this page you will need to log in using your member ID.

Latest Video: 

RevSPORT Basic Training 

Videos included are:

1. revSPORT Company Introduction background of the company and introductory presentation 

2. revSPORT Platform Demonstration Pre-recorded platform demonstration outlining all the features and functions available to all affiliated clubs and associations.

3. revSPORT Competitions Webinar   

4. revSPORT Competitions Webinar - Fixture Import Tool

5. Super User Training 

6. Setting Up Member Classes for Online Registrations

Members Only Resources


STEP 3:  Get your portal set up

The quick start guide below will give you tips on how to do most tasks administrators need to understand

 Quick Start Guide 


Setting up your account 

 Placeholder Club - Are you a club or a team?


I need to add an administrator to my account

 Adding another administrator to your portal


Creating member classes 

 Come & Try Events Member Class

 Program (2 month) Member Class 

 1 Week Member Class 

 Funded Sports Voucher Member Class  (All states except NSW)

 Upgrading Member Classes


Online payments 

 Payment Plan Guide 

 RevSPORT Refunds Guide 

 RevSPORT Manual Refund - Quick Guide

 RevSPORT Online Payment Fees 

 Setting Up Your Fees Online


Clearance and Permits

 Clearance and Permits (Quick Guide)

 Clearance and Permits - (Detailed with TroubleshootingUpdated  


Website Design Tips


Season Rollover Information 

 2024-25 Rollover Manual (V2)