Fully Loaded Softball

Fully Loaded Softball is a new format of softball that puts the pressure and excitement in games from the first pitch. A more exciting, faster format with big scores, more home-runs and more edge of your seat, white knuckle moments.




Fully Loaded Softball for Schools has been designed to excite students and simplify softball for teachers, umpires and coordinators. 

This action packed NEW and EXCITING format of softball takes all the best bits of softball, speeds it up and increases enjoyment for participants.  The games are designed to be relevant for the first level of competitive play at schools or in clubs. 

Softball Batter Up is the first step in the softball pathway which has been developed to be used in schools during PE, for Sporting Schools and to help prepare teams for Inter-school sports programs. 

The Softball pathway in schools starts with Softball Batter Up in PE, progresses to Fully Loaded T-Ball and then to Fully Loaded Softball.  See below for details.


SOFTBALL AUSTRALIA would love to hear from any schools interested in getting involved with a pilot program of Fully Loaded Softball at district school sport level.  

Many districts will be running softball in Term 3 or 4 so, if you’re a teacher or district sport coordinator, we’d like to hear from you. 

The pilot involves trialling the new Fully Loaded Softball rules which simplify and electrify the game of softball making it more exciting, easier to understand and simpler to implement at all school levels.  

The Pilot is open to both Primary and Secondary schools now, so we invite you to email us to express your interest.  

To find out about further Softball Australia resources that might be available to support your program or to find out more about Fully Loaded Softball for Schools, contact the Sport Development Manager. 


SOFTBALL BATTER UP provides over 65 softball game activities that makes playing, coaching and teaching softball easy with over 65 modified softball activities, pre-planned programs to follow and session planners to take your program to the next level. 

FULLY LOADED T-BALL has been designed to improve the game we all know and love, create more excitement and opportunity for participants to be active.  With the bases loaded every innings, more students are engaged from the first call of “PLAY BALL”  giving students the change to score more runs and have more chances to get around the bases. 

FULLY LOADED SOFTBALL has been developed to ensure softball is FAST, FUN and more ACTIVE leading to better participant engagement.  It’s purpose is to get participants playing a game most suited to school students skill and understanding level of softball.  The game has been considered for all factors leading to participant enjoyment and includes simplified rules, addition of loaded bases every innings, more chances to score runs and more exciting plays.  

Intro to Fully Loaded Softball

Junior School Playing Rules

Facilitating a game and safety

Using a Scoresheet

Benefits for existing Competitions

  • Rule changes make it more appealing to a broader audience

  • Appealing to new members and softball fans

  • Existing members are energized about the new competition

Benefits of running a short format

  • It offers a “Value Add” to traditional softball membership

  • Current members can play in addition to their regular season

  • Short format appeals to time poor softball fans, many who would love to play, but until now couldn’t commit to a full traditional season

  • If played during the week it helps keep weekends free for other activities (or more softball)


Junior Playing Dimensions

Strike Zone Mat Specs

Junior Fastpitch Playing Rules

Senior Fastpitch Playing Rules

Senior Slowpitch Playing Rules

Junior Playing Rules

Club and Association Manual

Coaches Factsheet

Players Factsheet

Umpires Factsheet

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Summer Slam Playing Rules