Softball Australia Announces New NUC Committee Members for Umpire Development

Published Sat 18 May 2024

Softball Australia is proud to announce the appointment of three umpires to the National Umpiring Committee (NUC) in the development stream. These individuals will work alongside James English, contributing their expertise and passion to enhance the umpire program's growth and effectiveness.

Joining the committee are:

Vicki Lansley

Vicki will oversee the continued development of our manuals and will bring her extensive experience to ensure that all umpiring guidelines and resources are up-to-date and comprehensive. Her dedication to the sport and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to the committee.

Andrew Banfield

As the eLearning lead, Andrew will oversee the development and implementation of digital learning tools. His innovative approach aims to make training more accessible and engaging for umpires at all levels.

Debbie Grove

Debbie will assist with general development, especially for those progressing towards Level 6 and WBSC certification. Her holistic view of development and extensive experience leading this stream previously will help create a supportive and progressive environment for umpires.

Each of these umpires has been a part of Softball Australia’s umpiring program for a significant time, demonstrating commitment and expertise in their respective areas. Their contributions are welcome as they collaborate to drive forward the development stream.

James English, who will lead this team, stated, “Having Andrew, Vicki and Debbie on the team brings the NUC a wealth of experience in umpiring and in the systems that we can use to support umpire development. We’re excited about what we’ll be able to deliver to support our umpires and provide ways that they can engage with training materials throughout their journey.”

Softball Australia extends its congratulations to Vicki, Andrew, and Debbie. We look forward to their impactful contributions and are excited about the future advancements in our umpiring program.

Head to our National Umpiring Committee page for more information.