National Social 7s Day

National Social 7s Day

Saturday 29 August is National Social 7s Day!

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to come and try Social 7s for FREE at your nearest participating association.

Social 7s is Softball Australia’s new version of slowpitch softball that is fast, fun and easy to play.

For more information, visit the Social 7s website at You can also check out the following videos to see what the game looks like.

National Social 7s Day participating associations

Georges River Dianne Cooper [email protected] More information
Manly Warringah Doug Stracey [email protected]
Softball NSW Jody Neilsen [email protected]
Tamworth Mandy Brown [email protected]
Alice Springs Nikki Crook [email protected]
Darwin Nikki Crook [email protected]
Brisbane* Leigh Martyn [email protected] More information
Gladstone* Shane Finlay [email protected]
Gold Coast Seeta Bull [email protected] More information
South Australia
Central Districts Judith Lukas [email protected]
Southern Tasmania Evelyn Seabourne [email protected] More information
Casey Sandra Whalley [email protected]
Waverley Leanne Thomas [email protected] More information
Werribee Angela Broadbent [email protected] More information

* Brisbane and Gladstone are holding their day on Sunday 30 August, all other associations on Saturday 29 August. For further details, contact each association via the email listed.

There are also a number of Social 7s competitions coming up. The South Brisbane Association were due to begin their competition last Friday night, but due to wet weather has been postponed to this Friday.


Social 7s upcoming competitions

Competition Day/Time Start date End date More information
South Brisbane (Qld) Friday 6.30pm 28 August 2 October Click here
Doncaster (Vic) Tuesday 7.30pm 20 October 8 December Click here
Toowoomba (Qld) Friday 6.00pm 30 October 11 December Click here