Elite Battery Coach Academy

Welcome to the Elite Battery Coach Academy, an outstanding opportunity for coaches to elevate their expertise and shape the future of Australian softball. This program is designed for coaches committed to becoming world-class battery coaches, ready to impact players nationwide.

Program Aims

Focusing on the development of world-class battery coaches, pitchers and catchers, this program aims to cultivate coaches keen on training Australian players throughout the year and securing positions on national teams as battery coaches.

Catering to pitchers and catchers selected from the national squads, the academy provides a unparalleled opportunity for prospective battery coaches to unlock their coaching potential. Through intensive training and development, year-round support and mentorship from seasoned coaches and industry experts, participants will gain a deeper understanding of coaching nuances, setting them on a path to excellence.

Program Components

2 x Face-to-Face Camps

The Face-to-Face Camps in our Battery Coach Academy are immersive experiences designed to elevate your coaching skills to new heights. Participants can expect:

Intensive Practical Sessions

Hands-on training covering advanced pitching techniques

In-depth analysis of catching skills and strategies

Interactive Workshops

Collaborative sessions with fellow coaches to share best practices

Scenario-based exercises for effective problem solving

Sports Science Integration

Expert insights into the latest sports science applications for battery coaching

Understanding biomechanics and its role in enhancing player performance

Guest Speakers

Learn from renowned experts and experienced coaches

Gain diverse perspectives on coaching strategies

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like minded coaches

Forge relationships that extend beyond the program

Regular Online Seminars

Our Online Seminars provide a virtual platform for continuous learning and exploration. Participants will engage in:

Strategic Planning:

Develop a comprehensive coaching strategy for battery positions.

Understand long-term athlete development.

Performance Analysis:

Analyse game footage and performance metrics.

Implement data-driven coaching approaches.

Game Simulation:

Virtual simulations of game scenarios for decision-making practice.

Strategies for enhancing player adaptability.

Q&A Sessions:

Interactive sessions allowing participants to seek clarification.

Address specific challenges faced in coaching.

Technology in Coaching:

Explore innovative technologies transforming battery coaching.

Practical tips for incorporating technology into training.

These components ensure a holistic and dynamic learning experience, combining practical skills with theoretical knowledge for comprehensive battery coaching development.

AIS Collaboration

Immerse yourself in the rich resources of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) with exclusive access to cutting-edge training methodologies and knowledge. Explore the AIS here.


Specialised Coach Development

The Elite Battery Coach Academy will be led by experienced Coach Developer, former Australian Open Women's Head Coach Bob Crudgington, who brings a wealth of expertise and success to the Elite Battery Coach Academy. Read Bob's profile here.

Key Program Details


9 months (March 2024 - December 2024)


Two face-to-face weekend camps at the Australian Institute of Sport

April - dates TBC

June - dates TBC


Online seminars will be conducted throughout the year (first likely to be pre-camp in March)

State Visits:

State visits from our Coach Developer will conduct visits across the states between September-November


If selected, the cost for each coach will be $600 for the year

Application Process

Ready to take the next step? Enrollment into the academy is limited. To be considered for inclusion into the academy, firstly register your application via the following form in the link below, providing details on your coaching experience, current & previous coaching affiliations, and your aspirations. Shortlisted coaches will be contacted for a follow up where next steps will be communicated.

The Elite Battery Coach Academy welcomes applications from dedicated coaches actively engaged in both men's and women's pathways within the sport. While the program predominantly emphasises support for the development of coaching expertise in women's softball, a limited number of positions will be available for qualified and committed men's coaches. This inclusive approach reflects our commitment to fostering excellence across all facets of the game and providing opportunities for coaches dedicated to advancing both men's and women's pathways in softball.

Applications close Sunday 4 February 2024.

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Elevate your coaching career, impact Australian softball, and become a part of a dynamic community of passionate coaches. Apply now!