U18 Men – History and Winners

U18 Men – History and Winners

Nox Bailey Shield
Australian U18 Men’s Championship

Nox Bailey’s interest in Softball grew from conversations he held with a work-mate in the 1960s and led him to set up a competition for local boys and girls in Bayswater, Western Australia.

Successfully negotiating with his local council, Bailey acquired space for four diamonds and began taking his teams across the city to compete in a Scarborough competition, which his kids quickly outgrew.

Elected to the Western Australian Softball Association Board in the role of Secretary, Bailey began inquiring about the inclusion of a men’s social competition at the next major tournament. By 1976 he had successfully helped to establish the Western Australian Men’s Softball League.

Little support was given from the WASA and the men were restricted to playing on a Sunday on sub-standard grounds. As he had done over a decade before, Bailey approached the local council and secured space at Morely and Cooke’s reserve to establish appropriate playing diamonds. In 1978, the first Men’s Softball State Championship was held.

Bailey at their urging collaborated with John Reid and Edna Nash of NSW in establishing an interstate competition for men in 1983. He joined forces with the eastern coast duo again only a few years later as they attempted to introduce an Australian Men’s Softball Team in the next major international tournament under the ASF (Softball Australia) banner.

In 1988 Australia debuted in the ISF Men’s Softball World Championship.

A powerful force behind the development of Men’s Softball in WA and ultimately Australia and a member of the Bayswater Morley Softball Club for 25 years, Bailey was made a Life Member of the Western Australian Softball Association in 1976. A decade later he received Life Membership of the Western Australian Men’s Softball League. To this date, he is the only person ever to have that honour bestowed upon him.

In 2019 the Championship transitioned to the age group of U18. Whilst the age group for this Championship changed, the Nox Bailey Shield has not lost its cultural significance in the sport.  As Reid was immortalized in the National Men’s Competition, it was only fitting that Nox Bailey’s contribution to Softball shall forever be remembered as the nation’s best U18 men come together for the Nox Bailey Shield year after year.

Championship winners

1989 NSW in Sydney 2005 Vic in Perth
1990 Qld in Perth 2006 Vic in Launceston
1991 Vic in Brisbane 2007 NSW in Canberra
1992 WA in Melbourne 2008 ACT in Brisbane
1993 Qld in Canberra 2009 WA in Canberra
1994 NSW in Perth 2010 NSW in Perth
1995 NSW in Brisbane 2011 Vic in Melbourne
1996 WA in Melbourne 2012 Qld in Canberra
1997 NSW in Sydney 2013 Qld in Perth
1998 NSW in Adelaide 2014 NSW in Canberra
1999 NSW in Perth 2015 NSW in Perth
2000 NSW in Canberra 2016 NSW in Sydney
2001 ACT in Brisbane 2017 Qld in Brisbane
2002 ACT in Melbourne 2018 Qld in Sydney
2003 ACT in Sydney 2019 Qld in Sydney
2004 ACT in Adelaide 2020 Qld in Sydney