One week until the Aussie Steelers take on Group A

Published Fri 07 Jun 2024

Only one week until the Aussie Steelers begin their WBSC World Cup defense in Hermosillo, Mexico from June 13th to 16th at Fernando Ortiz Stadium and Mundialistas Hermosillenses Stadium.

Australia has been placed in Group A alongside the Czech Republic, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, and Mexico.

Aussie Steelers Group A fixture (AEST):

13/6 | Steelers vs Venezuela @ 9:00
14/6 | Steelers vs Philippines @ 11:00
14/6 | Steelers vs Dominican Republic @ 14:00
15/6 | Steelers vs Mexico @ 13:00
16/6 | Steelers vs Czech Republic @ 10:00

It has been over two years since the Steelers became world champions, beating four-time winners Canada at Rosedale Park in Albany, New Zealand. The Steelers now hold two World Cups, and a successful showing in the Group Stage will set them up nicely for a tilt at a third trophy in next year's finals.

The competition has grown stronger since Australia’s last championship in 2022 with Argentina retaking the Number One ranking in the world recently. Scott Patterson, a part of the Steelers leadership group, had this to say about the rest of the competition.

“We have so much respect for all the other teams around the world. When it comes to a World Cup, nothing is a given. Any success from here on in really does need to be earned.” Said Patterson. “There’s no feeling that we are entitled to that gold medal again. Any of the top 10 teams in the world can beat anybody on any given day. It’s a fresh start and we need to earn anything from here on in.”

Patterson is supported by 10 players from the 2022 gold medal still in the squad.

“We are fairly experienced and that certainly helps but we have some fresh faces, especially the pitching staff, so there's going to be a new feel around the team and a great exposure for those newer players. But still having all that experience certainly helps.”

“When you are representing your country you have to put in work, you can't just coast by,” says Patterson. “It’s making everyone a bit more accountable and we are all doing our own individual training but also getting together in their groups when they can in their respective states to train and prepare and communicate that so the rest of the squad is aware and accountable.”

Scott Sunley is looking forward to his first WBSC World Cup campaign as Head Coach of the Steelers. Sunley agreed with Patteron's assessment of the competition, saying

“It’s more of a pitches game so we need to adapt to all the pitches coming through, thrown harder with more movement. So, with our batting, we’ve been focusing on the pitching side of it just being more at-bat, more live batting, just because pitching is all changing at the moment.” Said Sunley.

“From when Laing Harrow was coach, I’m not trying to change anything. If we just keep the same momentum going with whatever the boys did in 2022, we are going to try to keep them going the same way now.”

With over half the squad having won the 2022 World Cup, Sunley had this to say.  

“Having those guys from the last World Cup just brings more experience to the team. Having James Todhunter as my captain and Scott Patterson, Brendon O’Bryne, and Hayden Mattews as my leadership group. So, having those guys there as great role models to guide the boys is pretty cool, making it a little bit easier for us all because they’ve been there, done that before.”

The Aussie Steelers begin their World Cup defense on the 13th of July against Venezuela.

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