Investment in the athletes’ holistic development is paramount; there is a responsibility to ensure athlete physical, physiological, psychological and emotional well-being is the focus.

The Daily Training Environment for all athletes needs to be the best it can and all efforts to get the necessary support resources around the athletes will be a target focus.


Softball Australia recently completed a comprehensive and structured review of its High Performance Program. The resources and structure required to implement the program, and other operational requirements, are still being finalised, and will be reported on in the New Year. However, we are in a position to confirm that Softball Australia is Developing a new generation “High Performance Program”.

Athletes will be required to demonstrate through their own actions a relentless level of persistence to every aspect of their elite preparation, where each athlete will have a tailored and individualised program based upon their specific needs.

This is an exciting time for Softball Australia. There will be new and innovative initiatives and strategies introduced as final program/plan development and implementation requirements are facilitated.



Sustained international podium success.



Optimal performance by Softball Australia athletes and coaches at international signature events, achieved through best practice and innovative High Performance planning and delivery.



Athlete-centred, coach-led and performance driven.