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Register to Host a HRH program at your Club/Association for Programs in 2023-24 Season.

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Program Details

When naming your program, please use "Homerun Heroes" in the title. You can also use your club or assocaition name and which program you are running.   For example, "Werribee Homerun Heroes - T-Ball" (or "Softball").

Venue Details


If your program is run on the same day for a number of weeks please select details in the sections below.

If your dates are on different or alternate days and times, please use the Detailed schedule information section to enter all details.

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Program Pricing

When pricing your program, what you enter here is the amount your organisation will receive per member.

State and National fees are also charged per person.

Clubs and associations need to confirm what their amount per member is when the member class is created.

The price a member pays is the total of all levels involved.  For example, a club program would include fees at each level - National, State, Association and Club

The table below shows a guide to pricing

  • Pricing below is a guide only 
  • If you are running this program from a Club, please confirm with the state and association that their pricing is confirmed before advertising the program pricing to participants 
  • If you want to advertise the price of the program and any equipment the participant can order, you will have to combine 

    • Membership, PLUS 

    • Equipment. 

    • Both are sold separately for this program.

The table below shows approximate membership costs at each level without equipment.  The pricing is up to each level to set, but remember the more you add at your level the more the member will pay in total.

Website information

Please enter any information you would like to appear on your website for the event description here. 

Softball Australia has text created for all Home Run Heroes programs, but you can add any information you like, and it will appear in the event description. Events will also be displayed on the front page of your website.

Information to include might be specific information about benefits of your program and or options to purchase equipment. You might also want to include registration information and the price (in total) to participate.

If you have a famous coach, that might be something worth including here.

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Max. 255 characters


  • Membership is paid via registration; equipment is ordered by the HRH Shop link provided in the information for this program
  • Upon registration, members will also receive a confirmation email containing the equipment links if they would like to order one of the program packs
  • Pricing for all equipment packs can be found here:


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