Coach Accreditation and Updating

Keeping your accreditation up to date

Keeping your accreditation up to date is important!

With the updating of the child protection legislation in every State and Territory over the past several years there has been a conscience effort to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for child to participate in sport.
This is very important to the sport of softball and in most cases the first point of contact in participating at the club/association level is the Coach. The Coach should be providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children to train and compete in Softball.
It is important for new coaches and current coaches to understand their duty of care and risk management challenges when delivering a safe and fun environment.
To this end Softball Australia has an obligation to ensure all coaches seeking accreditation or reaccreditation understand the current duty of care responsibilities and child protection rules.
Moving forward for all coach accreditations and re-accreditations the following courses/modules updates are requirements as of 15th June 2020:

• The Sport Australia Community Coaching or Officiating General Principles will need to updated every four years
Play by the Rules Harassment and Discrimination must be updated every two years
Play by the Rules Child Protection must be updated every two years
• The Coach’s Code of Conduct must be completed after each update is completed.

Each of these documents need to be submitted as part of the pre-requisites when taking any courses.
Signed copies of the Codes of Conduct should be kept on file by the State office as reference information.
It is important that these requirements are adhered to, as it’s important all coaches have a duty of care and need to be across the latest legislative changes that apply to their roles in their state.
If you have any questions, please contact Softball Australia office.

Update your coach accreditation

Softball Australia requires all accredited coaches to participate in a variety of education activities to maintain their accreditation status. Coaches can update their accreditation by completing the next level of accreditation OR achieving a total of 100 points over four years.

For more information on how to update your accreditation, click here.