Coach Accreditation and Updating

Keeping your Coach accreditation up to date

It is important for new and current coaches to understand their duty of care and risk management challenges when delivering a safe and fun environment and that all requirements are adhered to. Softball Australia has an obligation to ensure all coaches seeking accreditation or reaccreditation understand the current duty of care responsibilities and child protection rules.

The following courses/modules updates must completed for accreditation and re-accreditation:

NOTE: If updating requirements are not completed within six years, you must repeat the accreditation course. Coaches who do not complete updating requirements by the due date must achieve 100 points and an additional 25 points for each year beyond expiry. Additional points must be achieved in coaching principles and/or softball specific.

Update your Coach accreditation

Softball Australia requires all accredited coaches to participate in a variety of education activities to maintain their accreditation. The following sets out the current practice for re-accreditation and will be reviewed when changes to performance courses occur.

  • Coaches can update their accreditation by completing the next level of accreditation OR achieving a total of 100 points over four years
  • Currently, Foundation and Performance (Level 4-6 coaches) must achieve a maximum of 25 points per year and a minimum of 20 in each category and complete the Coaching Updating Activity Sheet to validate their updating activities
  • When updating is complete, the coach must forward the Coaching Updating Activity Sheet, a signed Softball Australia Coaches Code of Conduct and the relevant registration fee to their state for approval
  • New updating requirements commence immediately re-registration is received


  • Complete the next level of accreditation – 100 pts


  • Attend softball seminars/clinics (umpire course, rules seminars etc) – 20 pts
  • Attend a face to face workshop in your state – 20 pts
  • Lecture at softball coaching courses – 20 pts
  • Submit an article to Softball Australia – 25 pts

Coaching principles

  • Complete specific modules of ASC Intermediate Coaching General – 25 pts
  • Attend sport-related seminars – 20 pts
  • Complete one sport-related tertiary unit – 20 pts
  • Lecture at coaching principles seminar – 20 pts

Coaching practice

  • Australian Team Coaching appointment – 25 pts
  • State-appointed Head Coach – 20 pts
  • Assistant Coach Supervisor/Mentor – 10 pts
  • Assessor (accreditation candidates) – 25 pts
  • Club or Association Team Head Coach – 20 pts
  • Club or Association Team Assistant Coach – 10 pts
  • Competency assessment (Levels 1-5) – 25 pts
  • Lecture at clinics – 25 pts
  • Complete updating course/module – 25 pts