Providers & Association

Sporting Schools providers

Sporting Schools providers offer coaching services to schools for sports within the Sporting Schools Program. Providers can be private businesses, softball associations, softball clubs etc.

To be eligible for funding to pay for coaching services, providers must be endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and Softball Australia.


Softball Australia will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the following:

  • All obligations to deliver softball in Sporting Schools and other programs
  • The process for coaching endorsement
  • Access to SBU online resources to help with lesson plans and program delivery
  • Educational programs available to coaches and staff
  • Provide school request information for Sporting Schools programs

If a coach or provider does not enter into a MOU with their profile will specify Softball Australia as their provider. Softball Australia will invoice the school for coaching services and a reimbursement arrangement made between Softball Australia and the coach delivering the program.

If you would like to become an endorsed Sporting Schools provider for softball, or would like more information regarding provider requirements, email Softball Australia’s Sporting Schools Coordinator or complete your provider registration.

Coaching endorsement

All coaches and teachers must be endorsed by Softball Australia prior to conducting a program. For links and more information on how to become an endorsed coach, visit the Softball Australia Sporting Schools Coach Endorsement website.

What is an endorsed program?

Provider = representing the sporting schools coach delivering sessions and invoicing a school for coaching services

Endorsed Program = Endorsed Provider + Endorsed Coach

Unendorsed Program = Unendorsed Provider + Unendorsed Coach

Unendorsed Program = Unendorsed Provider + Endorsed Coach

  • A minimum of one group must participate in school funding term. (10-25 students per group)
  • Any participating group must complete a minimum of 4 sessions each in the school funding term; there are no maximum session restrictions
  • All coaches participating in conducting sessions must be endorsed by Softball Australia
  • If a school requests a program that does not meet the ASC minimum requirements, the coach provider must communicate with the school on how to restructure their request to best suit their budget and requirements

Example: Non-approved request / Approved ASC Program:

Non-approved ASC Program
Overall students = 127
Overall sessions = 6
Allocated funding may be jeopardised
Approved ASC Program
Overall students = 127
Divide by 25 = 6 groups minimum
6 groups x 4 MINIMUM sessions = 24 sessions (min)