U17 Girls – History and Winners

Esther Deason Shield
Australian U17 Girls’ Championship

The trophy being competed for in the Australian U17 Girls’ Championship is called the Esther Deason Shield so named as a tribute to the late Esther Deason, MBE, past President of the Australian Softball Federation (Softball Australia). Esther devoted most of her life to loyal service to the game of Softball throughout Australia and is a member of the ASF Hall of Fame, ISF Hall of Fame and is an ASF Life Member.

Esther Deason was regarded as the leading lady of international Softball. Esther was, together with Marj Dwyer and Merle Short, instrumental in the first true World Softball Championship in Australia in 1965, and the formation of Softball in Australia in 1947. Her achievements are too numerous to list but Esther will be respectfully remembered for her deep passion for our sport. Esther’s contributions were rewarded by ASF Life Membership, induction in ASF Hall of Fame and ISF Hall of Fame.

In 2011 the U16 Girls’ Championships transitioned to an U17 Girls’ Championship. Whilst the age group for this Championship has changed the Esther Deason Shield was not lost.

Award winners

1970 Vic 1994 NSW
1971 NSW 1995 NSW
1972 Qld 1996 NSW
1973 Vic 1997 NSW
1974 Vic 1998 Vic
1975 Vic 1999 NSW
1976 ACT 2000 NSW
1977 ACT 2001 Qld
1978 Vic 2002 Vic
1979 Vic 2003 NSW
1980 Qld 2004 NSW
1981 Qld 2005 NSW
1982 Vic 2006 NSW
1983 Vic 2007 Qld
1984 Vic 2008 NSW
1985 NSW 2009 NSW
1986 NSW 2010 NSW
1987 Qld 2011 NSW
1988 Vic 2012 NSW
1989 NSW 2013 Qld
1990 NSW 2014 NSW
1991 Vic 2015 NSW
1992 Qld 2016 NSW
1993 ACT 2017 NSW
2018 NSW