International Events

ISF World Championships

ISF Women’s World Championship

The Australian Women’s Softball Team, CTI Aussie Spirit, compete in the ISF Women’s World Championships, a fastpitch softball tournament for women’s national teams held every 2 years. The inaugural event was hosted by Australia in 1965 with 5 teams participating where Australia won the gold medal. In 1994 the number of participating teams had increased to 28 and the ISF Code now legislates that the maximum number of teams that may participate is 16. There are qualifying tournaments that determine which countries will play in the ISF World Championship.

ISF Men’s World Championship

The Australian Men’s Softball Team, Aussie Steelers, compete in the ISF Men’s World Championships, a fastpitch softball tournament for men’s national teams held every 2 years. The inaugural event Men’s World Championship was held in Mexico in 1966 where the USA won gold. Australia participated in their first Men’s World Championship, held in Saskatoon, Canada, in 1988 finishing 7th. The Aussie Steelers returned to Saskatoon in 2009 and won gold, their second medal at a World Championship, the other being bronze in 2004.

ISF Junior Women’s World Championship

The Australian U19 Women’s Softball Team, CTI Aussie Pride, compete in the ISF Junior Women’s World Championship, a fastpitch tournament for the Under 19 women’s national teams held every 2 years. The first Junior Women’s World Championship was held in 1981 in Canada. Australia hosted the 4th Junior World Championship in South Australia in 1991. Aussie Pride has medaled at 3 World Championships, winning bronze in 1995, 2003 and 2007.

ISF Junior Men’s World Championship

The Australian U19 Men’s Softball Team, Aussie Colts, compete in the ISF Junior Men’s World Championship, a fastpitch tournament for the U19 men’s national teams held every 2 years. The first Junior Men’s World Championships was held in 1981. However, Australia did not make their debut until 1993 at the Junior Men’s World Championships in New Zealand, where they placed fourth. Since then, the Aussie Colts have won 4 consecutive World Championships in 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2008.


Canada Cup

The Canada Cup was established as annual international women’s fast pitch development tournament. The Canada Cup later became known as one of the most competitive tournaments in the world and is now instrumental in preparing many international teams for the World Championships.


Japan Cup

The Japan Cup is another highly regarded international women’s fast pitch event that provides competing teams with further preparation for ISF World Championships. Australia regularly competes in this event against the top 5 nations in world.


World Cup

Traditionally the World Cup of Softball is held in the US and hosted by the Amateur Softball Association; it is a 5 day event that attracts the top softball nations in the world. It predominantly is a tournament that provides valuable match practice for teams and an opportunity for the US team to play in front of their fans.

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