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Australian Open Women's Squad 2012

News alert 6 June 2012: Due to injury, Jade Wall has replaced has been replaced in the Squad by Georgia Casey.

News alert 24 February 2012: Due to injury, Danielle Bouman has been replaced in this Squad by Kym Tollenaere.


The following Squad has been selected to compete against Japan in a seven game series to be played at Hawker International Softball Centre (ACT) from 21-24 March 2012.


From this Squad, a team of 17 players and 5 reserves will be selected to play in the 2012 ISF XIII Women's World Championships to be held in Whitehorse, Canada from 13-22 July 2012.


The current Australian Open Women's Squad members remain eligible for final selection also.

Jodie Bowering (Qld) Verity Long-Droppert (WA) Jodie Stevenson (WA)
Georgia Casey (NSW) Jocelyn McCallum (Qld) Vanessa Stokes (SA)
Michelle Cox (NSW) Stacey McManus (NSW) Kym Tollenaere (Vic)
Brenda De Blaes (ACT) Aimee Murch (ACT) Clare Warwick (ACT)
Chelsea Forkin (WA) Kaia Parnaby (NSW) Melinda Weaver (Qld)
Leigh Godfrey (WA) Stacey Porter (NSW) Belinda White (SA)
Sandra Holden (Qld) Justine Smethurst (Vic)  
Non-travelling reserve    
Christina Kreppold (WA)    
Head Coach - Kere Johanson Assistant Coach - Sarah Lockett Team Manager - Chris Clough
Battery Coach - Kelly Hardie Assistant Coach - Kerrie Porter Physiotherapist - Mike Oostryck


Easton Greatrex