There are a couple of various ways in which you could gain funding for such programs in your club. There are excellent government funded programs that already exist to reach out to and understand the driving philosophies of the various disability-specific organisations that you can work with to access these funds. Those include:


Local disability organisations

Your local disability organisation which you partner with may be able to assist you with funding for the program. It is always important to discuss this in the beginning so that you can plan for it either way.


Local businesses/sponsors

Your local communities businesses and or club’s sponsors may assist you in funding your program. Tell them of your plans and how they can also benefit from such a sponsorship. You will be surprised what local businesses would contribute to such programs.


Philanthropic organisations

It is important to research organisations such as Philanthropy Australia to see what funding sources are out in the community for local sporting groups. Softball clubs would be suitably placed to present and or apply for funding to organisations that would fund projects such as disability programs.


Local councils

Local councils have funding for local sports programs which build community. It is important that you visit you local council’s website and see what they have to offer. Most local councils offer community events or community funding. To find contact details for your local council visit the Australian Local Government Association.